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Great tasting, sustainably sourced coffee


All of our coffee is sourced by our partners through Sucafina, who have sustainability as a central tenet to their approach as a company - from offering better farm gate pricing for farmers through to helping them improve soil fertility and yields, while ensuring fair and shared profitability across the value chain.

Each of our offerings has been carefully selected with our partners to provide you with great tasting accessible coffee, and contrasting profiles across the flavour wheel for every occasion.

Peru Single Origin

With extremely high altitude and fertile soils, Peru's smallholder farmers produce some stunning specialty coffees. Directly from the Finca La Encañada farm in the northern region of San Martín, our Peruvian Single Origin is a deliciously sweet and full-bodied coffee with notes of chocolate, sweet molasses and nuts.

Sumatra Single Origin

Produced by the Koerintji Barokah Bersama Cooperative living and farming on a plateau at the foot of Mount Kerinci on the island of Sumatra, driven by quality and motivated to innovate, comes our excellent Sumatran Single Origin. A full bodied coffee with great structure, tastes like Cherry, Raisin, Honey and Mango.

Columbian Decaf Blend

From Huila in Colombia, one of Colombia’s most well-known coffee growing regions, our Decaf Blend is produced using the Sugarcane decaffeination process, with a naturally occurring compound, ethyl acetate. A full-bodied coffee, with notes of dark chocolate, rich strong honey and slight stone fruit sweetness.